Career Profile

I’m a Post-Doc based in Amsterdam and a member of the Database Architecture group at CWI. I’m currently working as COO @ DuckDB Labs.

Scientific Publications & Blogposts


Scrooge McDuck: A DuckDB Extension for Financial Data Analysis (Demo)
Pedro Holanda
Persistent Storage of Adaptive Radix Trees in DuckDB.
Pedro Holanda
DuckDB Blog [Here]


DuckDB quacks Arrow: A zero-copy data integration between Apache Arrow and DuckDB.
Pedro Holanda and Jonathan Keane
DuckDB Blog [Here]
DuckDB - The Lord of Enums: The Fellowship of the Categorical and Factors.
Pedro Holanda
DuckDB Blog [Here]
Progressive Indexes
Pedro Holanda
PhD Thesis @ Leiden University/CWI [PDF]
Progressive Mergesort: Merging Batches of Appends into Progressive Indexes
Pedro Holanda and Stefan Manegold
Multidimensional Adaptive & Progressive Indexes


Progressive Indexes: Indexing for Interactive Data Analysis


Dissecting DuckDB : The internals of the “SQLite for Analytics”
Pedro Holanda and Mark Raasveldt
SBBD (Tutorial) [PDF] [HANDS-ON]
Relational Queries with a Tensor Processing Unit
Pedro Holanda and Hannes Mühleisen
devUDF: Increasing UDF development efficiency through IDE Integration. It works like a PyCharm!
Mark Raasveldt, Pedro Holanda, and Stefan Manegold


Progressive Indices – Indexing Without Prejudice.
Pedro Holanda
VLDB (Ph.D. Worskhop) [PDF] [SOURCE CODE]
Fair Benchmarking Considered Difficult:Common Pitfalls In Database Performance Testing.
Deep Integration of Machine Learning Into Column Stores.